Summer is almost settle everywhere and holidays are just around the corners (if they haven’t yet started!). The perfect occasion for us to sit with our designers and talk about their summer plans and what they like the most about the season. Let’s start with the Cairo-based most trendy jewel designer Jude Benhalim. Hello Jude! […]

Doha and Nissreen are the co-founders of the sporty-chic brand Army of 1, designed directly from Dubai. This brand is coming from outside the box, from a city where women are always overdressed. We love this bold approach, and we wanted to present you a bit more these two creative business women, who are providing […]

Designer of the week


Laureates from the Mediterranean Prize Fashion 2015, Cyrine Faillon and Hend Gasmi, both from Tunis are the talented designers of their brand Mademoiselle Hecy. Meeting and interview with these two young women full of inspiration and talent ! Why did you get started in fashion? Cyrine Faillon: Several reasons have pushed me to start; first […]