We tried to list all the questions you might ask yourself when you are on our website. If however, you have not found the answer to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly; we will be happy to answer you!


Can you describe the designers’ selection process?

My Souk In The City is committed to select the best of emerging talents of the Middle East and North Africa. These talents are lacking of visibility at the international stage. My Souk In The City’s team flies to their countries to find them and meet them. Some designers are also showcasing their collections during the international Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, or NYC.

Can I trust the quality of the products sold?

All the items displayed on the website are made in local workshops, with the greatest care. When buying on My Souk In The City, you are sure to buy quality products, manufactured in the majority by hand, in limited edition. This also explains the price range offered on the website. Our designers are committed to produce quality products, sourced with love, far from the problems of cost optimization that can be found in the “mass market” industry.


You can make purchases on My Souk In The City as a guest. However, creating your own account will allow you to:

– Follow your orders and purchase history

– Request a return or exchange directly from your account

– Save your address and your credit card to make your purchases faster

– Manage your account information, your different delivery address and your e-mail settings.

How to register on your account?

Go to the tab ” create an account ” and then put your personal information ” user name “, ” email “, ” password” and click on “registration” .

A confirmation will be sent to your email address.

By default, your username is the first part of your email address. For example, with the following address name.firsname@email.com, the login to connect again to the website is name.firstname

What types of emails will I receive when I register to My Souk In The City?

When you create an account on My Souk In The City, you will receive an email confirmation with your login. By registering on your account, you also start receiving our newsletter that will inform you of our latest news.

I forgot my account password. How to find it?

To reset your password, please follow these steps:

– Step 1: Click on “? “.

– Step 2: Enter email and click “Reset Password.”

– Step 3: A password-reset link is sent to your inbox. Click to reset.

– Step 4: Complete the form with your email address or username

– Step 5: a new email will be sent with a link to click on

– Step 6: Enter your new password

I no longer wish to receive newsletters, how can I unsubscribe?

Just click on the word “unsubscribe” to the newsletter on the latest newsletter e-mail you receive. With this unsubscribe, you will be removed from our lists and you will no longer receive emails or newsletters from My Souk In The City.

I want to edit my contact information. How to do it?

To edit your contact information, please go to “My Account”, click on the tab “Address” and then proceed to change your contact information and end with “save changes”.


How to shop on My Souk In The City?

Use the links CLOTHING, FASHION ACCESSORIES. You can also make your purchases directly by clicking on the links on the web magazine articles, on the right column or directly on the designer’s store. When you want to buy an item, select your size and click on the “ADD TO BASKET ” button. Check the items in your basket by clicking on the shopping cart link at the top of the page.

Click on “ Payment “ to confirm your order.

I cannot put a product it in the basket?

If you are facing any difficulty adding an item to the basket, contact us for more information. There might be a technical error that would prevent you from ordering, or the product is no longer in stock. In any case, please send us an e-mail to report the issue: help@mysoukinthecity.com

Is the payment secure?

Our payments are secured by our payment partners Paypal and Stripe. You can make payment safely by logging into your PayPal account directly or by entering your credit card number. We also hold the SSL certificate to secure our website. At any time, the data in your card is encrypted and your card number is never stored even temporarily.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept common payment methods: Credit card, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Will I have to pay taxes?

The prices displayed on the website include taxes for our customers located within the European Union (EU). For all our customers outside the EU, the prices are excluding taxes, and you might have to pay applicable taxes relative to your country when receiving your order.

Can I make a gift?

You can make an online purchase and offer it by specifying a delivery address different from your billing address, then the invoice is not sent with the parcel.

I cannot pay by credit card: what’s happening?

If your payment is not accepted when you make your transaction, you should contact your bank for details.


Are all the products displayed online available?

Availability is indicated on each “product data sheet”. You can order and add your item to your basket by selecting your size. Some items will be produced when ordering, it will also be stated on the description of the product.

How to choose my size?

If you have a doubt about the size of an item, we suggest you to click on the size guide that will bring you more information on the sizes correspondences.

If there is a specific information about the size, we will directly detail it on the “product data sheet”. If however any doubt remains, do not hesitate to send us your question to help@mysoukinthecity.com, we will be happy to advise you.

My size / item is no longer available. What should I do?

Don’t hesitate to contact us by email and let us know about your recent crush on an item that is out of stock. We will notify you when there is a restocking or make a pre-order directly from the designer if it’s possible.

The item size put in the basket does not match with the size I have chosen?

If the size you have selected is not the one on the list, you must abandon your basket and start on your “product data sheet” to select the size that suits you. However, if the error persists, you can either order with the size that appears, and send us an email to prevent us from error and tell us the right size. Otherwise, you can contact us and report this error: help@mysoukinthecity.com. We will do our best to correct it as soon as possible.


Who is responsible for sending my order?

Once your order is complete, the designer will send the order to our team who will be in charge of shipping the item to you. If you are outside of the EU, you will receive your order directly from the designer.

From which shipping company will I be delivered?

Your ordered items will be shipped by the most accurate shipping provider. We have now partnerships with Fedex, DHL, and Chronopost International and we will choose the best partner for you to receive the order in the shortest timeframe.

How do I know where is my order?

My Souk In The City’s team will send you an information email at each stage of preparation and shipment of your order:

  1. The designer will proceed to the shipment of your purchase within two days if your item is in stock. Some handcrafted items that are not available in stock will be made once the order will be carried out on the website. Production terms are indicated on the “product data sheet”.
  1. You will receive a second email if your order is shipped to My Souk In The City’s offices to ensure it is matching your order and the description of the product. We will inform you about the delivery right after the checking step.

What is the delivery delay?

Delivery will be done within a period between 3 to 10 working days between shipments from the designer to your home for all the items available in stock. Some items that you will order online will be produced on a made-to-order basis, and delivery will take place within the timeline specified in the “product data sheet “.

I still have not received my order. What should I do?

My Souk In The City reserves the right to cancel your order if the shipment from the designer’s country is late or does not respect the timeline specified in the “product data sheet”.

If you do not receive your order, please contact us in order for us to make the necessary steps to find out where is your package. If it is lost, we will suggest you to cancel the order and refund you or wait an additional time for a new shipment.

What should I do in case of anomaly when receiving my package?

You should check your package at the reception and before signing the proof of delivery. For any anomalies noticed, report it at the delivery company through the deliveryman and send us an email to inform us.

How do I cancel or change an order?

To cancel or change an order, please write to help@mysoukinthecity.com

I don’t live in France, is it possible to proceed to an order?

My Souk In The City is shipping worldwide. If you have any doubt about your country, please feel free to contact us.

What are the fees for the delivery of my purchased items?

The items you purchase on My Souk In The City are coming from far away. To make sure you have the best shopping experience, delivery costs from the designer’s country will not be at your charge. You will have to pay only for the applicable taxes related to your country if you are outside the EU.


Are returns accepted?

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the day after the date of receipt of your product. Please note that personalized items or ordered according to unique specifications cannot be returned.

What are the return costs?

The return costs are supported by My Souk In The City. For all the customers outside the EU, you will be charged for custom fees paid to return the items if there are any applicable.

How do I return?

  1. To make a return, log in to your account, select the order you want to return and click on “ Return an item from this order “.
  1. You can then select the items you want to return, and we will send you by email a return form to ship your item.
  2. Returned items must be in original condition with their initial packaging.
  3. To avoid any inconvenience, My Souk In the City added a verification step that will prevent you from receiving orders not conform to the description or damaged items. Feel free to give us your feedback after receiving your order and detail the reasons for returning the product, it will allow us to improve day by day your shopping experience.

When will I receive my refund?

You will be refunded within 14 days after receiving the item and validate your return. If you do not receive your refund within this period of 14 days, contact the customer service.

Is it possible to exchange an item?

Exchanges are possible within 14 days of receipt of your package. Be careful, all exchanged items cannot be exchanged a second time because of the supported fees for shipping the item from the designer’s country.


How to contact the customer service?

You can write us an email at help@mysoukinthecity.com and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!